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What to Expect from our MOT Garage in Harrow

Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors operate from a VOSA-approved MOT garage where we have full testing facilities. Any motorist with a vehicle over three years old has an obligation to have it tested on an annual basis. The inspection covers roadworthiness, safety and emission standards. If the vehicle meets requirements set for the MOT test, a certificate valid for one year is issued and details of the inspection are logged onto our computers.

Certificates issued by our MOT garage in Harrow indicate that the vehicle was roadworthy at the time of testing but owners have an ongoing responsibility to ensure the correct standards are maintained until the next inspection is due. We recommend weekly visual inspections and can provide advice on the elements to be checked.

Annual Reminders from our MOT Garage

Existing customers who have used our MOT garage for testing in the past are sent convenient reminders when the next inspection is due. Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors are linked by computer to a central database that holds nationwide MOT testing records. The system ensures vehicle owners never forget their next date of inspection.

All reminders are dispatched well in advance of a forthcoming test. Our workshop in Harrow can perform MOT tests up to a month before the existing certificate runs out. Because individual certificates are allowed to run concurrently, motorists who visit our MOT garage at the earliest opportunity can have 13 months of certification on their vehicles.

We Provide Free MOT Retesting

If you own a vehicle that fail the annual inspection, our MOT garage will undertake the required repairs and retest it for free. We even provide free retesting if you choose to have your vehicle repaired elsewhere. Our company believes that vehicle owners often get a rough deal from other garages in the Harrow area. At Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors, honesty and transparency are the cornerstones of our business.

MOT repairs can usually be performed on the same day as the initial inspection. Unless extensive work is needed, we can usually retest your vehicle as soon as our technicians have completed the necessary rectification work. Flexible appointment times are available for MOT testing and we offer a convenient collection and delivery service.