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Engine Management and Vehicle Diagnostics in Harrow

Technology and innovation play a pivotal role in the work that we do at Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors. Most of today’s mass-produced vehicles are fitted with an engine control unit (ECU) that controls engine actuators to improve performance and efficiency. The ECU interprets data sent from sensors and adjusts the actuators to maintain performance.

When performance is compromised, a code is stored within the ECU and specialist reading equipment is needed to identify the problem.

We refer to code reading as vehicle diagnostics. Our garage in Harrow specialises in all aspects of modern engine management. We have trained technicians who use manufacturer approved equipment to locate all faults in your vehicle’s on-board computer.

Diagnostic Excellence through Investment

Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors have always been leaders in trade and industry innovation. By playing close attention to changes in the automotive sector, we are always prepared when new equipment becomes available. Our company invests heavily into engine management tooling so that our technicians can perform vehicle diagnostics on any vehicle.

Most faults are indicated through warning lights on the dashboard and we strongly recommend that vehicle owners in Harrow should have their cars inspected as soon as possible so that the cause of the fault code can be identified. We also provide vehicle diagnostics for airbags and ABS braking systems.

Reading the code is relatively simple. We plug a diagnostic tool directly into the ECU port and a sequence of fault codes is referenced. This gives our technicians a clear indication of where the problems lie. Once the repairs have been completed, we reset the ECU so that it is ready to control the actuators again for optimum performance.

Fast and Affordable Diagnostic Checks

Sometimes, your vehicle may run poorly even if the dashboard isn’t displaying a warning light. We can use our engine management equipment to measure performance and locate potential problems at the earliest stage. Having vehicle diagnostics undertaken as soon as a car starts to run poorly can identify issues sooner and save on long-term repair costs.

If you live in Harrow and have concerns over your vehicle, call in to see us today and a technician will perform a full and affordable diagnostic check. This will give us the opportunity to recommend essential repair work that could preserve vital engine parts for many years into the future.