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We Are A Full Service Automotive Workshop

Automotive Electrics


A Local Independent Specialist in Automotive Electrics

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Very few garages in the Harrow area accept auto-electrical jobs because the work requires extensive technical knowledge that traditional mechanics never learn. At Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors, automotive electrics is a speciality service delivered by highly trained technicians with first-hand dealership and independent garage experience.

The work that we do covers many different areas but our role is best described as the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical components and systems used in today’s more modern factory-produced vehicles. As the technology used becomes more advanced, the skills of our technicians must always advance at the same rate.

Our technicians have strong practical and troubleshooting skills. Automotive electrics also require that they often need to read complex wiring diagrams. We are proud to employ some of the most skilled auto-electrical technicians in the Harrow area.

What to Expect from an Auto Electrician

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The field of automotive electrics covers mechanical and cosmetic components that require an electrical source to operate. Our garage in Harrow sends technicians on regular training courses to ensure they are conversant with the parts, the tooling and equipment used in today’s developing maintenance and repair sector.

  • Our technicians can install or repair electrical ignition systems, alarms, immobilisers and integrated tracking devices.
  • We resolve issues with electric windows, seat and mirrors. Our company also specialises in electrically-operated towing bars and vehicle air conditioning.
  • Driving aids and accessories can be fitted or repaired by our team. We are experts in parking sensors, reverse cameras and customised lighting kits.
  • Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors supply and fit audio-visual entertainment systems including radios, televisions and DVD players. We can also install in-car telephones.

Air Conditioning Servicing and Repair

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Regular servicing is vital to the performance of air conditioning, a specialised area of automotive electrics that includes cleaning the system. Air conditioning systems hold potentially harmful allergens and pathogens that can cause illness and, in some cases, even asthma. This is a concern to vehicle owners in Harrow who transport younger passengers.

We service and clean car air conditioning meticulously using industry-approved safe working practices. Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors also offer gas recharging services at competitive prices. Combine your servicing and recharging requirements together for an even lower price that helps to cut the cost of annual maintenance and repair.

Vehicle Diagnostics  

Engine Management and Vehicle Diagnostics in Harrow

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Technology and innovation play a pivotal role in the work that we do at Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors. Most of today’s mass-produced vehicles are fitted with an engine control unit (ECU) that controls engine actuators to improve performance and efficiency. The ECU interprets data sent from sensors and adjusts the actuators to maintain performance.

When performance is compromised, a code is stored within the ECU and specialist reading equipment is needed to identify the problem.

We refer to code reading as vehicle diagnostics. Our garage in Harrow specialises in all aspects of modern engine management. We have trained technicians who use manufacturer-approved equipment to locate all faults in your vehicle’s on-board computer.

Diagnostic Excellence through Investment

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Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors have always been leaders in trade and industry innovation. By playing close attention to changes in the automotive sector, we are always prepared when new equipment becomes available. Our company invests heavily into engine management tooling so that our technicians can perform vehicle diagnostics on any vehicle.

Most faults are indicated through warning lights on the dashboard and we strongly recommend that vehicle owners in Harrow should have their cars inspected as soon as possible so that the cause of the fault code can be identified. We also provide vehicle diagnostics for airbags and ABS braking systems.

Reading the code is relatively simple. We plug a diagnostic tool directly into the ECU port and a sequence of fault codes is referenced. This gives our technicians a clear indication of where the problems lie. Once the repairs have been completed, we reset the ECU so that it is ready to control the actuators again for optimum performance.

Fast and Affordable Diagnostic Checks

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Sometimes, your vehicle may run poorly even if the dashboard isn’t displaying a warning light. We can use our engine management equipment to measure performance and locate potential problems at the earliest stage. Having vehicle diagnostics undertaken as soon as a car starts to run poorly can identify issues sooner and save on long-term repair costs.

If you live in Harrow and have concerns over your vehicle, call in to see us today and a technician will perform a full and affordable diagnostic check. This will give us the opportunity to recommend essential repair work that could preserve vital engine parts for many years into the future.

Tyre Fitters 

Branded Products from our Tyre Fitters in Harrow

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At Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors, one of our biggest priorities is vehicle safety. Worn tyres are the cause of thousands of accidents every year and the importance of having them replaced should never be underestimated. Tyres are the only point of contact your vehicle has with the road. When the tread wears to below the legal limit, leaving things to chance could compromise your safety and the welfare of your family.

Our tyre fitters are always here to preserve vehicle safety with a full-service range delivered at fair and inclusive prices. Our Harrow workshop has a stock range of fast-moving products on our shelves with branded tyres from all of the big-name manufacturers including:

  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Firestone
  • Dunlop
  • Michelin
  • Continental

Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors also supply and fit tested tyres from trusted budget suppliers that meet and exceed current industry and road safety standards. These are new tyres and not reclaimed part-worn tyres. While the overwhelming majority of part-worn tyres are completely safe, defective products still find a way into the marketplace.

An Affordable Alternative to National Tyre Fitters

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Tyre fitters at nationally-operated companies and fast-fit centres in the Harrow area generally quote the price of tyres but make additional charges for fitting and balancing. At Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors, the price we quote is the price you pay. We like to be transparent over pricing and will never bump up our profits over the short-term so that you continue to use our services over the long-term.

If you think your tyres are in need of replacement but aren’t entirely sure, call in to see us at our workshop on West Hill in Harrow. Our tyre fitters will perform a free inspection and quote a competitive price for replacement at the same time.

As a guide, tyres fitted to your car must have a minimum 1.6mm of tread across 75% of the width and throughout the entire circumference. Additionally, tyres should have no sidewall damage, bump or cuts. Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors promise to check your tyres with honesty and transparency at all times.

Exhaust Servicing  

Full and Partial Replacements at our Exhaust Centre in Harrow

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If your vehicle has failed the MOT test because emission levels are too high or if you can’t hear yourself think when driving because of loud rattling noises, a full or partial exhaust replacement could cure the problem. We operate from a fully equipped exhaust centre based in Harrow. Our technicians can provide a free inspection of your system, quote a competitive price and book your vehicle in for the required work.

All fitters at our exhaust centre are trained and qualified to perform replacements on any vehicle make or model. Because the exhaust system is constantly in use while the engine is running, it is one of the hardest-working components on any car. Wear is inevitable and replacement is the best way to eliminate ongoing issues.

Premium Quality Exhaust Replacements

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Our exhaust centre in Harrow will only supply and fit high quality replacement parts on your vehicle. While there are many low-price patterned parts on the market, many of them are poorly manufactured so it’s almost impossible to achieve a perfect fit. The exhausts that we use are made to manufacturer specifications and covered by a full one-year warranty.

Most garages charge fixed prices for exhaust replacements. If it only takes five minutes to replace the defective part, you’ll still be charged for the entire time allocated to your vehicle. Our exhaust centre treats all jobs individually and we will only quote a price once we’ve seen how much work is required.

Benefits of a New Exhaust

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A new exhaust system allows noxious gases to flow through the entire system before it is dispersed through the tailpipe. This helps your engine to breathe and, ultimately, perform better. If your vehicle has failed a test on emissions, a new exhaust should help to lower previous levels and increase your chances of an MOT pass. This is a sound environmental benefit that makes the world a better place for everybody.

A new exhaust system allows noxious gases to flow through the entire system before it is dispersed through the tailpipe. This helps your engine to breathe and, ultimately, perform better. If your vehicle has failed a test on emissions, a new exhaust should help to lower previous levels and increase your chances of an MOT pass. This is a sound environmental benefit that makes the world a better place for everybody.

M.O.T Testing

What to Expect from our MOT Garage in Harrow

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Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors operate from a VOSA-approved MOT garage where we have full testing facilities. Any motorist with a vehicle over three years old has an obligation to have it tested on an annual basis. The inspection covers roadworthiness, safety and emission standards. If the vehicle meets requirements set for the MOT test, a certificate valid for one year is issued and details of the inspection are logged onto our computers.

Certificates issued by our MOT garage in Harrow indicate that the vehicle was roadworthy at the time of testing but owners have an ongoing responsibility to ensure the correct standards are maintained until the next inspection is due. We recommend weekly visual inspections and can provide advice on the elements to be checked.

Annual Reminders from our MOT Garage

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Existing customers who have used our MOT garage for testing in the past are sent convenient reminders when the next inspection is due. Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors are linked by computer to a central database that holds nationwide MOT testing records. The system ensures vehicle owners never forget their next date of inspection.

All reminders are dispatched well in advance of a forthcoming test. Our workshop in Harrow can perform MOT tests up to a month before the existing certificate runs out. Because individual certificates are allowed to run concurrently, motorists who visit our MOT garage at the earliest opportunity can have 13 months of certification on their vehicles.

We Provide Free MOT Retesting

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Garage Services  

Getting More from our Garage Services in Harrow

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Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors are vehicle servicing and car repair specialists. We have a full range of garage services available, covering all manufacturer marques and models. All services are delivered by skilled and trained technicians with many years of experience in the local automotive sector. Every technician on our team has undergone main dealership or independent garage training.

While we always aim to provide the best standards of workmanship, we also believe that treating our customers correctly is just as important. Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors have a traditional approach to service that is rarely found in today’s automotive marketplace. By looking after you today, we hope to secure your business for tomorrow.

Meeting Requirements

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Naturally, our garage services are tailored to cover every aspect of vehicle care. Our maintenance services include full and intermediate car servicing where all work is undertaken in compliance with manufacturer service schedules. We deliver the same standards of workmanship as dealership outlets in the Harrow area but at friendly independent prices that everybody can afford.

If you’re worried about warranties or preserving your service history, we promise that our work will never compromise these important owner elements. Changes in legislation have made it possible for motorists to choose any garage to undertake their servicing work. If the correct schedule is followed, service books can be stamped and ongoing warranties preserved.

Meeting Service Expectations

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At Harrow-on-the-Hill Motors, our high levels of repeat custom and the recommendations we receive are the products of exceptional customer service. We are Good Garage Scheme members and every single customer who has reviewed our company on the scheme’s website said they would use our garage services again or recommend them to their families, friends and business associates.


This is an achievement which makes us incredibly proud. By treating customers as friends and explaining our work in clear, understandable terms, we bridge the gap of trust that many other service providers in the Harrow area choose to ignore. This is what makes our garage services so different to equivalent services provided by our main competitors.

  • Car Repairs
  • Car Servicing
  • MOT Testing
  • Exhaust Fitting
  • Tyre Fitting
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Auto Electrical
  • Brakes and Clutches
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Air Conditioning
  • Car Batteries
  • Gearbox Rebuilds

Available 6 days a week

Mon – Fri: 9.00 – 17.30
Saturday: 9.30 – 12.30

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We aim to provide the highest standard of service. Our quality service has made us certified members of the Good-Garage Scheme, with a 99.4% customer satisfaction rating.

Free Consultations & quotes

Call us for a free consultation and quote. If you are unsure about a fixture or service our mechanics with over 25 years experience will be happy to guide you through the process, giving you background knowledge and confidence before you commit to a purchase.

We are the solution to your car’s problems.

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